Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Seattle Partners proposing to renovate Seattle’s KeyArena?

We believe that Seattle Center is the best location, in the best city and in the best region for an arena capable of hosting world class sports and entertainment events. We are committed to celebrating the storied history of the Seattle Coliseum and Seattle Center as bedrocks of the Emerald City’s civic and cultural identity while developing a state-of-the-art venue the City of Seattle deserves. That is why we propose to renovate the Coliseum, rather than build a new facility on the same location. By adapting and reusing an existing civic asset, the revitalized Seattle Coliseum will be a sustainable, cutting-edge homage to Seattle’s historical legacy.

Who is Seattle Partners?

Seattle Partners is a collaboration between AEG, the world’s leading owner, developer and operator of sports and entertainment venues, and Hudson Pacific Properties, a premier, publicly traded real estate investment, development and operating company specializing in design-forward, next-generation spaces.

Seattle Partners is proud to work with leading companies that share our vision for an arena in the park and embody the very best of Seattle’s values: Sellen, Nelson/Nygaard, Gensler, Rosetti, AECOM-Hunt, Seattle Structural and Nyhus Communications.

Who is AEG?

AEG has been in Seattle for over a decade, successfully servicing events at KeyArena and overseeing Bumbershoot, the Marymoor Park concert series and the Showbox theaters. AEG has outstanding relationships with Seattle Center, community organizations and extensive experience creating memories Seattleites never forget. AEG’s industry-leading expertise includes operations at over 120 venues on five continents, ownership of 16 professional sports franchises—including ownership of the NHL Los Angeles Kings and management of privately held ownership shares of the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers—and unmatched success in creating experiences that make people cheer.

Who is Hudson Pacific Properties?

To date, Hudson Pacific Properties has invested approximately $750 million in Seattle and currently owns and operates 1.5 million square feet of real estate in the market. Hudson Pacific Properties has an exceptional track record of partnering with both grass-roots and city-wide community groups in relation to its projects and properties. Further, the company’s local office is run by professionals with deep ties to the community, many of whom were born, raised, educated and are now raising their own families in Seattle.

Will Seattle Coliseum be built to accommodate the NBA and NHL?

Absolutely and we will have all of the requirements and amenities needed for the teams. However, the proposal does not rely on a team commitment to move forward with redevelopment. This puts Seattle in the best possible position to attract an NHL and NBA team.

Are there any risks to taxpayers to finance this project?

Zero. There are also no new tax assessments and the project does not rely on any existing public capital from the City of Seattle.

When will this project be completed?

The first step is to win approval from the City of Seattle to renovate the KeyArena. We look forward to the public process led by the City to review our proposal. We are confident that the timeline for our project delivery will meet the standards of the City, as well as potential tenants.

How will this proposal help improve transportation in the neighborhoods surround the venue?

Seattle Partners will invest $5 million to accelerate existing transportation strategies around the arena and to create a shared mobility hub adjacent to the arena. The partners will also make an investment in the Lake2Bay Corridor concept to help embrace a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly environment and encourage non-automobile access to the arena. The Seattle Coliseum will be fully connected into Seattle’s transportation infrastructure, and the arrival of Light Rail will integrate seamlessly into the facility. Additionally, we will ensure activation of technologies that will ensure all fans have the ability to pre-plan transportation options.

How will this proposal be financed?

To bring a viable, cutting-edge and sustainable arena to Seattle Center, Seattle Partners will not seek new taxes or existing public capital from the City of Seattle. Seattle Partners will request to partner with the City to align on goals, and Seattle Partners will guarantee all financing, public and private, through revenues that would not exist but for the renovations proposed for the Seattle Coliseum. This proposal entails no risk for the City of Seattle.

What are some of the public benefits of this proposal?

A few of the key public benefits include:

  • Estimated $144 million in surplus arena revenues to city government over course of the proposed lease
  • Projected $3 billion in tax revenues over course of the project
  • $5 million transportation investment
  • City retains ownership of state-of-the-art facility

What would be the seating capacity of the renovated arena?

The renovated Seattle Coliseum will provide increased capacity for entertainment and sporting events, including the latest in luxury suites – top-line suites and terraced seats – while retaining the intimacy of the current configuration and Seattle’s legendary 12th Man phenomenon. All of this will be further supported by making the arena a leader in technology and guest amenities.

Seating capacities for the new Seattle Coliseum:

  • Events:
    • 14,832 (180-degree stage configuration)
    • 15,750 (240-degree stage configuration)
    • 16,770 (280-degree stage configuration)
    • 19,202 (360-degree stage configuration)
  • Hockey: 17,120
  • Basketball: 18,113

Will your proposal negatively affect KEXP, the Vera Project or other Seattle Center tenants?

Absolutely not. We are excited to partner with Seattle Center tenants to help make the Seattle Coliseum and surrounding neighborhood a welcoming, vibrant place for everyone to enjoy. Organizations like the Vera Project, KEXP and other Seattle Center tenants are a part of what makes Seattle a special place. Whether it’s working with KEXP to support their vision an activated courtyard north of the arena or partnering with Vera Project to cross-promote their events, we are committed to support the vibrancy of the Center.

Will Seattle Partners hire union workers to support this project?

Seattle Partners have long-standing, close partnerships with unions and labor groups. Seattle Partners is also committed to supporting a diverse supply chain that will look to include women-owned, minority owned, and – as the only company in the arena development industry to do so – LGBTQ-owned businesses in the procurement process.

Does Seattle Partners oppose constructing a new arena in SODO?

We are focused on winning approval from the City of Seattle to renovate the Seattle Coliseum.

If an NBA or NHL team comes to Seattle Coliseum, who will own the franchise?

At this time, we are focused on winning approval from the City of Seattle to renovate KeyArena. The facility will be renovated to immediately accommodate the NHL and the NBA. However, our proposal does not rely on team acquisitions before moving forward with redevelopment.